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We know the hard surface vinyl floors of your office or commercial facility endure a great deal of foot traffic, and Anago of Cincinnati and Dayton offers a number of professional floor maintenance options to keep those surfaces looking their best. Hard surface floor cleaning is a specialized aspect of our commercial cleaning services involving floor stripping, floor sealing, scrubbing, buffing and a whole lot more! Here is how our various hard surface vinyl cleaning processes unfold.

Stripping and Sealing


Stripping and Sealing-Wax Before


Stripping and Sealing-Wax After Stripping and Sealing-Wax After 2 Stripping and Sealing-Wax After 2

Vinyl Tile Scrubbing & Recoating

This method of floor care begins with scrubbing, which involves the removal of protective surface coating, waxes, dirt and foreign materials from the vinyl tile by applying a neutral cleaning chemical.

Floor Buffing

You can count on the commercial cleaning professionals of Anago of Cincinnati and Dayton to keep your vinyl floors looking their best. Inquire about any and all of our floor cleaning services today!

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