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Look to Anago of Cincinnati and Dayton for all your ceramic tile cleaning, grout cleaning and concrete flooring cleaning needs. All of these floor cleaning services play out in very specific ways, as described below.

Auto Scrubbing

This form of floor maintenance uses an auto scrubber to clean large floors that would otherwise require extensive labor. Think of warehouses, athletic facilities and the like, and how difficult it would be to manually scrub these large areas. Auto scrubbing allows you to clean large areas in one fluid step.

The more you use floor cleaning products, polish your vinyl and ceramic tile floors with wax or have grease tracked onto your painted or concrete floors over time, the more you notice a thick build-up that makes floors look dull. We are pros at tile cleaning, and can make your tile floors look as good as new.

Tile Scrubbing

Concrete Floor Auto Scrubbing

If your concrete floor requires the most thorough cleaning then Anago is your best bet. We provide auto scrubbing, power scrubbing and power washing of all commercial, industrial or warehouse spaces. Our cleaning technicians and auto scrubber equipment will produce the best results on your toughest jobs whether your floors are sealed, unsealed or epoxy.

If you deal with plant maintenance anywhere in the tri-state area, you will confront special, heavy-duty industrial cleaning problems every day. If you are a facility manager you will be faced with special cleaning needs. Call us to clean, maintain or sanitize your concrete floors.

Concrete Floor Acid Washing

Also known as acid etching, this process is used on concrete flooring and involves using acid to:

This process should not be confused with acid staining, which can be done after preparing the concrete floor through muriatic acid washing.

You can count on the commercial cleaning professionals of Anago of Cincinnati and Dayton to keep your ceramic tile and concrete floors looking their best. Inquire about any and all of our cleaning services today!

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