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Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky commercial cleaning company Anago of Cincinnati and Dayton has built its success on personalized service.  We have established ourselves as the premier commercial cleaning service in Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky, and one of the added benefits in addition to our weekly janitorial services is that we do exceptional one-time work.  By providing these services, Anago continues to build upon its greatest strength of providing ersonalized custodial services that appeal to the individual needs of each and every client.

So what constitutes a “one-time job” at Anago of Cincinnati and Dayton? A quick look at the jobs that fall under this category shows a variety of services that can keep your commercial facility looking its best. 

Floor maintenance – Anago offers a number of services to keep vinyl composite tile or vinyl sheet floors in tip top shape.  These include:

·         Strip, seal and wax – in which Anago’s cleaning experts strip old wax from floors, edges of door frames and baseboard and apply several coats of a new wax

·         Top scrub and recoat – this process includes roughing up a floor surface and following that by applying coats of wax

·         Spray buff – a spray buff includes damp mopping a floor, lightly spraying a mixture of wax and water followed by a machine buff

Carpet cleaning – Anago offers services to keep commercial carpets, area rugs, Berber carpeting, oriental rugs and more looking their best.  These include:

Ceramic tile and Grout Cleaning

Anago of Cincinnati and Dayton continues to set the standard for commercial cleaning companies servicing the areas of Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky, and the services mentioned above are a big reason why.  Attention to detail is a vital aspect of commercial cleaning, and by providing options by which you can keep your flooring and carpet in top condition Anago allows its clients to address those details on their terms and on a “one-time” basis as needed. 

Consult with the professionals at Anago of Cincinnati and Dayton today regarding your commercial cleaning needs.  They’ll work with you to identify the services you need and customize a schedule that works for you.  Join the many companies in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky who trust Anago of Cincinnati and Dayton to keep their commercial facilities looking their best.

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