At Anago, what we clean and how often we do so are completely up to you

As one of the most respected companies in the commercial industry, we sometimes look at our industry and shake our heads at the unreliability often associated with it. There are many companies out there who claim to have the ability to clean offices and commercial facilities. Many of them simply are not up to the task in terms of experience and work ethic. Still others try to gouge customers by trying to sell them services that are simply unnecessary.

We do things differently at Anago of Cincinnati and Dayton.

We approach our relationship with each client as a collaborative partnership. We may know about cleaning methods and techniques, but you know about your business, and we take that into account when creating your custom cleaning plan.

  • You will make the final decision in terms of the services we perform for you
  • You will make the final call on how often we will perform those services
  • We never try to sell our clients services that they don’t want or need
  • We go about our work using innovative cleaning techniques, and clean the same way each and every time
  • We are always working to improve our methods and systems
  • Our customer service lines are open 24/7

We have brought the concept of reliability back to our industry, to the benefit of our clients. You may have been put off by cleaning companies you have used in the past, and we don’t blame you one bit. We know that it is frustrating to have a company tell you one thing and then do another, or to overpay for services you were pressured into signing off on. These are instances you will not incur when you partner with us.

We have served businesses and commercial facilities of all sizes and from a variety of different industries since our inception eight years ago, and our clients are as loyal to us as we are to them. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve them, and shows it in everything we do.

Don’t be turned off by the actions of cleaning companies you’ve used previously. Your commercial facility deserves to look its best, and should provide a healthy environment for employees and visitors. Anago of Cincinnati and Dayton can help you to achieve this goal efficiently and affordably, and you will always have the final say on the services we perform.